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Firefall Ministries

People don't want to be burdened, they want to be fancy free! The truth is however that the Church has a mandate from God Almighty to be yoked with the Lord Jesus Christ in establishing His Kingdom on earth and preparing the way for His return.

Firefall ministries is a family of evangelists based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and our hometown Calaveras county, CA that have an unquenchable passion for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and imparting the same to God's people. We hope to do this through our music and preaching. We also offer Biblical training and teaching to equip the body of Christ to win souls, taking the Church to the streets.

Paul Coca: My Story


At the end of the summer of 1974 two ladies came to the door of my family's house and asked for my brother Mark. After I relayed to them that he was in jail they began telling me about the Lord. At first I wasn't interested until I felt something drawing my heart to their message. I looked into their eyes to see if it was real and I thought to my self, "I've tried everything else, why not try Jesus?" We went to the top of a hill in Eastside San Jose, they laid hands on me and began speaking in tongues.

At first I felt very uncomfortable but immediately their prayers started to uplift me and make me clear headed. They asked for me to pray to receive Christ. As I began to pray I felt a weight lift off of me and an overwhelming peace and joy. While walking away they told me that I had a mighty calling from God and that they needed to pray for me again. As they prayed again a wind hit me and knocked me on my back, I felt the love of God fill me and I began uncontrollably weeping.

They counseled me to find fellowship and start reading the Bible. I went home, found a dusty Bible and flipped to 1 John 1, where it said, "confess your sins." I began confessing my sins to God and asking for forgiveness but I quickly felt hopelessness creep over me when I realized that I had far too many sins to recount them all. Suddenly a white sheet descended from (ANOVE )the ceiling, it hit me and while it went through me I felt my whole conscience and soul being purged of my uncleanness, shame and guilt. (I RAN BACK TO THE TOP OF THE HILL AND I SAT BY A LITTLE OAK TREE AND AS I LOOKED AROUND EVERYTHING SEEMED SO BRIGHT AND CLEAR. I HEARD THE LORD SPEAK TO ME FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME “ BEHOLD I HAVE MADE ALL THINGS NEW” LATER,AS I WAS SITTING AT THE TABLE READING THE BIBLE) My mom walked into the room and started to cry thinking that I was stoned out of my mind again, my sister glared at me with disdain. I exclaimed, "I'm not high mom, I met Jesus!" My sister (LINDA) immediately knew I was telling the truth and said, "you really did." Though I have had my ups and downs, this experience has eternally changed me for the good and granted me purpose and value that I could have never imagined or come to on my own.


Years later after devoting my life to Christ in 1977 (I BECAME A COMMITTED CHRISTIAN )  In 1980 I met the woman that is now my beloved wife, Noreen Coca.  Our first (COURTING WAS GOING OUT TO THE STREETS PLAYING MUSIC.  WE  THOUGHT THIS WAS ROMANCE, AND IT WAS WITH OUR LORD) (WE STARTED evangelizing, while were dating.  Since we were both musicians we would go to the streets with instruments (violin and guitar) and pray for people sharing the gospel to them. Since then we have done ministry all over the world. For 11 years we took in homeless teenagers in San Jose. For 38 years we launched street evangelism in the Bay Area of California praying for people, sharing testimonies and playing music with SOS ministries. We have partnered with many other ministries including Love SF with Adam Hood for unity 24/7, prayer and street evangelism. Some of our biggest venues included Firefall 89' where hundreds of Christians from 12 different Churches gathered to present worship and baptize people from a 30,000 person crowd at the Santa Cruz Bandshell. Another was Waikiki 93' with YWAM where we performed with three mime and dance troupes, theatrical performance and teaching of the Word. Now 40 odd years later we are still in the mode of writing music from our encounters with the Lord and the people we meet on the streets as well as bringing together Churches in each city to go to the streets and win souls.

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