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Street art mural

The Team

I would like to introduce to you a variety of ministries I endorse that have been proven over many years. It has been in my heart to create a network of ministries across America and around the world that are devoted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We know how lonely it can be as a street evangelist at times. This is a hub for you to find fellowship and co-laborers that might be near you.

Outreach Ideas

Community Thanksgiving Meal

Gather volunteers from your community,. Invite local businesses to donate gifts. 

Fairground or Park Outreaches in your town

Organize multi-Church worship teams to declare His praises publicly.

Contact us for outline and specifics

Home fellowships

Acts 2:46

"And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes"

Check out the history of our outreaches!

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